Monday, June 23, 2008


No Comment On The Picture

"QB...Where Da Fuck Ya'll At?"
- Polow Da Don

Well to start things off I will answer Polow's question. Polow, I believe QB is in NYC.

Moving on. Nas says "The People Need Someone To Believe In". Well I recall reading in the newest URB magazine that Nas said he hasn't donated to charity...yet. So should they believe in you? Another peculiar line was "Untitled it is, I never change nothin', but people remember this: If Nas can't say it think about these talented kids with new ideas being told what they can and can't spit". So you didn't change anything yet the album will not be titled what you said it was going to be called.

I know I sound like I'm picking on Nas but I love Nas' music. Peep my page for proof. I even really like this new song "Hero". I think it's Nas' "If I Ruled The World" for 2008. The tinkling synthesizer keys reminds me of the tinkling piano keys from "If I Ruled The World". Keri Hilson is obviously a step down from L-Boogie but the current L-Boogie is a step down from Keri Hilson, so it's even. And Polow Da Don is a little more edgy than the Trackmasters were, who pretty much just jacked Whodini's "Friends" and slapped whatever they slapped on it to make it their own.

The point of this post new Nas song is a banger. Let's leave it at that.


Heather said...

whaa? "hero" doesn't even stand a chance against "if i ruled the world".

JK said...

I didn't say it was better. I just said it is his 08 version. And by looking at what you've been listening to on, we both know that the 08' version of Nas is not effin with Nas circa Illmatic or It Was Written.

Heather said...

o. well i am glad we agree then! :)

Christopher Reinhard said...

When did Nas start channeling Kanye's fashion sense? More importantly, when did he decide it was a good idea?