Thursday, June 26, 2008

Involved In Hip Hop? Tweet These People Up

If you are in some way involved in the music industry, get on twitter! I repeat, get on twitter! Get in while you can get noticed before it really hits big and you become just another blip on a radar that no one pays attention to. Like artists on myspace.

There is so much potential to get your voice heard and your message listened to. The site is a great platform to build relationships, whether you make music, write about it, speak about it or just listen to it. If you are just starting out and you want some people to follow on twitter, here is my list of worthy candidates:

  • Jay Smooth - The best damn hip hop video blogger in the world i.m.o. His site Ill Doctrine covers everything from Young Buck's recent waterworks to George Carlin's impact in a fresh, funny, and very entertaining way. Follow him on twitter so you can say you were up on things before everyone knows his name.
  • Byron Crawford - The man best known for his blog on the site for hip hop magazine XXL and also his own site is one of the few prominent hip hop writers on twitter. If you're familiar with his work you either hate him or love him because of his strong but often humorous opinions on everything that goes on in the crazy world of hip hop music. He is definitely more tame on twitter but still worth a follow.
  • Rafi Kam - Writer for Oh Word, Internet Celebrity, all around funny dude. If you ever checked out either site, you know that he knows hip hop as well as other things, like why people use check cashing joints. If this guy does not become prominent in the hip hop world, I don't know who will be. That is why you should follow him.
  • Tofu De la Moore - One of the first guy's I followed on twitter. No regrets at all. Great dude, great hip hop artist/producer. Not only has he taught me a little bit about making music, he taught me how you can be yourself but still be professional when you need to be. Follow this man, enjoy his humor and soon you will enjoy his music.
  • Andrew Dubber - He runs New Music Strategies which is one of the best sites on the music business and how you can use the internet to make yourself more successful. He knows his shit. Which is why it is really unnecessary to write anything else about the guy except, follow him!
  • Me - Why not promote myself a little bit. My tweets are entertaining. Honest! And I talk about hip hop often so come engage in a conversation with me about what album is hot and what album is not even worth the plastic it's put on.
I know the list is pretty short right now but why don't you change that? It can also benefit you, the less competition there is, the more eyes you can quite possibly can get on you. There are a lot of opportunities, take one.

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