Friday, June 20, 2008

Just Some Girl Talk

NOTE: Me and Chris both ended up paying for the record in the end. Much love Girl Talk.

: I forgot all about the new Girl Talk record
me: Fucking phenomenal
Better than Night Ripper
(and free)
jkrunish: nice, I'm downloading it now. Kinda feel like an ass b/c i paid nothing
me: Ha, me too
2:47 PM I'm going to see him twice in two days so I feel like I earned it
jkrunish: esp. cuz they had the little questionnaire afterward
me: I didn't see that?
jkrunish: it was a little, choose the reason why ur being a penny pincher
2:48 PM me: Haha

6 minutes
2:54 PM jkrunish: wow, Nothing compares 2 u, Prince is not happy
me: Haha
This thing just keeps getting better as it goes along
MIA and the Cranberries!
2:55 PM Tag Team and Big Country!
jkrunish: See man, we should just take this IM convo and paste it into invibu and we should do that from now on.
me: Blackstreet and Radiohead!@
I am freakin
jkrunish: haa
2:56 PM me: Do it!
jkrunish: ok done deal. I wanna hear some Coldplay and notorious b.i.g.
2:57 PM me: Ha. Haven't heard either I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson over some industrial (Prodigy maybe?)
2:58 PM jkrunish: I like how the end of the first track had a little snippet of Big Pimpin
2:59 PM oh wow, Blackstreet now I know what ur talking about
3:02 PM me: Epic huh? (Sorry, got kicked out)
jkrunish: yeah. I will pay u now Girl Talk. U deserve it
me: It's true. Shit, I'll give him $10
3:03 PM jkrunish: wtf does he do live?
me: Or perhaps the Sam Goody street value ($18)
jkrunish: fuck that
me: Seen him once, he just props the laptop up, hits play and dances the fuck around while taking off his clothes
jkrunish: haaa
me: Weezy and Red Hot Chili Peppers!
jkrunish: If I pay $18 for a record though. It better talk to me dirty on lonely nights
3:05 PM me: There's Journey on here.
If that's not talking dirty I don't know what is.
jkrunish: haa
3:06 PM I would write down every sample I recognized but then my brain would be rendered useless
3:08 PM me: Yeah I can't even name all of the samples on Night Ripper and I've been listening to that for years.
3:09 PM jkrunish: It's funny hearing Swizz Beatz with a higher pitched voice
3:10 PM me: I laughed so many times during the course of this's over now. I can't remember a time when I felt more deflated by a CD ending.
jkrunish: haa, well there is always the play button
me: Just threw on Night Ripper for a side-by-side comparison, actually.
3:11 PM jkrunish: He must have so many accapellas it's crazy
me: No kidding!

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Christopher Reinhard said...

Haha! I can see this becoming a trend...